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La Maison des
Jeunes du Plateau

Together for a better future


The MDJ du Plateau is a warm and welcoming environment teeming with multiple creative projects. Young people are invited to participate in an environment where we foster a real sense of belonging, as well as beautiful friendships. Reflecting the young people who frequent it, the MDJ offers a multitude of educational, fun, inspiring and democratic activities.

To frequent the MDJ du Plateau is to


Create rewarding bonds with other young people


Participate in stimulating projects for free


Learn to become an active, responsible and critical citizen


Be involved in multiple democratic instances

The MDJ according to our young members

“The Maison de Jeunes helped fill out my CV.”

 - Boris, frequented the MDJ, facilitator and president of the governing council

“If you are looking for somewhere to thrive, to have fun, somewhere you can laugh, and be listened to, come to the Maison de Jeunes du Plateau”

“If you’re looking for someplace to escape from daily life, come to the Maison de Jeunes”

 - Esteban, frequents the MDJ

 - Jonathan,
frequents the MDJ and member of the governing council

Parents, citizens and volunteers, your involvement in the life of the youth will positively impact their future.

To reach us, contact our collective Mélina and Simon

T: 514 525-7402

1846 Laurier Ave E, Montreal, QC H2H 1B2

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