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Your MDJ

Come join our virtual activities,

from monday to thursday

from 3 to 8 in the afternoon

and friday from 3 to 9.


Democracy at the MDJ du Plateau

Democracy plays a primordial role in our house, where everyone is invited to express themselves through various instances. Some members are part of the governing council, others participate in the youth committee, and everyone is involved in the monthly meetings, as well as in the AGA.

Our weekly activities

  • Each month we choose the menu together

  • We use local ingredients, which are less expensive and good for your health!

  • We cook a large meal per month that we then freeze to have left-over meals 

  • We organize workshops with a nutritionist

  • Battle of the Chefs

  • We use an approach focused on healthy eating and exercising habits

  • Mini sports challenge

  • 4 spinning classes at the YMCA du Parc

  • 2 seasonal outdoor activities


  • Our members were very creative in the past year, with activities such as knitting, sewing and carpentry!

  • This year, we acquired serigraphy equipment so as to make our own line of clothing

  • We publish the works of our members on our Instagram page

  • We organize events where the pieces are exhibited in the MDJ and can be sold


  • Two "chill" evenings with Oxy-Jeunes (ex: dance nights, jam nights, improv, etc.)

  • 22-week mentorship with Louis-Étienne (musician)

  • Three vox-pop videos about the project

  • Possibility of participating in show nights at Oxy-jeuns (three times per year) as well as “Culturally Y” evenings at the YMCA (four times per year)


  • 2 drawing workshops

  • 2 painting workshops

  • 2 graphic design workshops

  • 2 photography workshops

  • 2 graffiti workshops

  • 2 comic book workshops

  • 2 serigraphy workshops

  • Possibility of creating our own t-shirt design cooperative

"T-Shirt moi ta mdj !" project


With a mini mobile radio kit, the teenagers of the MDJ can go everywhere in the neighborhood and record and debate their thoughts and opinions on our society and many other subjects.

If you want to listen to our wonderful youth, you can click here.

Project Radio

  • Informal meetings for youth aged 18 to 24 (babyfoot, pool, boardgames, etc.)

  • 10 thematic workshops

  • 5 recreational activities

  • And much more!

MDJ 18+

MDJ_Icones_charcoal_Culture arts.png

Special Events

With the MDJ, you can also suggest special outings and events during the year. Here are some of our more recent ones:

  • La Ronde

  • Glow-in-the-dark mini-golf

  • “Semaine des maisons de jeunes”

  • Travelling

  • Water parks

  • Sugar shacks

  • Poutine week

  • Participation in neighbourhood life

Introduction to collective entrepreneurship cooperative

We help young people set up their own work co-op to provide services in the community. These activities allow them to:

  • Learn about the job market, from the concept of cooperatives to entrepreneurship.

  • Create their own service cooperative and promotional tools

  • Master the components of an administrative board and working committees

  • Create a CV and pass a job interview

  • Write contracts

  • Manage a small café in Baldwin park

  • Earn some pocket money

CIEC 2021.jpg

This summer, eleven teenagers create a coop. They offer multiple of services for the community, like babysitting, gardening, housekeeping, etc. We were in charge of there trainning and we help them administer themself the coop. This project help them develop good leadership and management skill. They also learn the basic of accounting, workforce management, maketing and advertising.

The MDJ works in the neighbourhood since 1981. The team, the governing council and the teens work together all year long to offer a variety of activities!

To reach us, contact our collective Mélina, Jean-Raphaël and Simon

T: 514 525-7402

1846 Laurier Ave E, Montreal, QC H2H 1B2

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