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About Us

The Maison de Jeunes is an association of youth and adults who have taken on the mission, on a volunteer basis, of holding lively meetings in their community, where youth aged 12 to 18, surrounded by significant adults, can become active, responsible and critical citizens.


Our Values

We are an organisation that works towards the democratisation of our space, and by extension the empowerment of the youth. The teens are welcomed in a space that is free of judgement, where they can thrive while learning to be active, responsible and critical citizens.

Our Team



After finishing is BACC in Cultural Action at UQAM, Jean-Raphaël (aka J-R) arrived in the community services like a fly in the ointment. More precisely, in the world of MDJ’s where he worked as coordinator at the Maison des jeunesse du Grand Joliette for 2 years. Now he is back in Montreal with his experience in his little coat pocket. He took the time to acclimatize to his new environment over the past year and is now ready to rock it !

Allez làààààààààààààààààààà !!!

Simon Gagné joined the team in 2019 et brought his energy and professionalism developed through years of experience in a maison de jeunes in the East of Montreal. Having practically always worked in community organisations and specifically with regards to youth, he himself shares the values of our organisation. Bringing his interests and various assets, he hopes to bring the best support to our youth, and stimulate a critical curiosity.


With a bachelor’s degree in sexology, Mélina has won the hearts of everyone on the MJP team in 2013 with her energy and her head filled with projects! Proud of her MDJ and of the teens who frequent it, she involves herself in everything that concerns the youth. Whether on the Plateau or in Great Montreal, she makes the MDJ project shine and carries the voice of the youth as best as she can into the world of adults!




Soon ...


Activist, music lover, and cook in her spare time, Stella defines herself as a strong-willed woman committed to self-expression and authenticity. Her atypical journey allowed her to explore several aspects of the ‘’oh-so-vast’’ social sciences to finally land on the one closest to her values ​​and interests: Social Work. For her, the key to individual development lies, among other things, in the recognition and reinforcement of strengths and experiences, through involvement in stimulating projects.


Somewhere in everyone is the little pinch of something that earns spag sauce the title of "Grandma's Famous Sauce (the best)." Looking forward to it! :)


In the final year of her bachelor's degree in sexology, Eva joined the MJP team for her internship. Eva is passionate about culture. Having lived on 3 different continents in less than 18 years, she knows how to adapt to any situation!

She loves creating new connections and being a good listener for youngsters. Eva also hopes to have a positive impact on sexology. Her goal is to do several workshops and activities to promote sexology at the MJP.


This baccalaureate student in sexology chose the MJP to allow her to work with teenagers since she had never had the opportunity to work with them yet. It is through this environment full of passionate actors and young people of a thousand and one colors that Noémie discovers the community world with a curious and caring spirit. She defines herself as a person who has good ears, always listening to those who might need it, dynamic and ready to get her hands dirty. Her objective is to provide sexological knowledge to teenagers in order to allow them to discuss, question and argue in a judgment free environment.



Main Areas of Focus

The Maison de Jeunes du Plateau prioritises harm reduction type interventions. Our intervention style is based on a holistic approach. However, we also offer a variety of intervention workshops on subjects concerning teenagers, with a view towards popular education,

Our Story

The youth of the Plateau Mont-Royal hung out at the Kennebec outdoors base during the summer, but they didn’t have anywhere specific to go between summers, besides the McDonalds or the back alleys. They disclose this problem to the camp manager, Michel Pauzé, who, along with five other residents of the neighbourhood, decides to do something about it. With the help of some teens, they created the ideal portrait of a house dedicated to helping the neighbourhood youth thrive. And as fate would have it, an electoral promise gave birth to their project.


Parents, citizens and volunteers, your involvement in the life of the youth will positively impact their future.

To reach us, contact our collective Clément, Mélina and Simon

T: 514 525-7402

1846 Laurier Ave E, Montreal, QC H2H 1B2

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